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Thinking Italian is an Italian Language School located on Long Island, NY. The school's mission is to propagate and expand the use of Italian Language and knowledge of the culture of Italy and Italian people. Language is certainly the major aspect of a nation's identity. During the many stages of Italian history, millions emigrated to the United States and made huge contributions to the development of this country. The New York area and Long Island, in particular accounts for a large percentage of the U.S. population of Italian descent but, unfortunately for many of them, Italian is just a memory of their ancestors and nothing more. For them and many other interested in learning Italian, we are proposing a modern and effective approach to learning this beautiful language.

Our teachers are qualified native speakers who have current family and professional contacts in Italy as well as many years of experience teaching various subjects at many grade levels. The school supports a functional communication-based method that is the result of decades of research and experience in Europe and elsewhere.

Europe in general and the European Union, in particular have always faced the problem of communicating using different languages. From an early age, children are taught at least one foreign language (usually English) and in middle school another language is added to the curricula. In many EU countries more than two languages are routinely used in business, school and tourism. Because of this, a more effective approach to learning languages is a necessity.

The communication method encourages students to start using the language immediately, focusing on the fundamental aspect of the language, which is communication. Familiarization with sentence structures and rules of grammar are just a natural and painless by product realized while learning the spoken and written language.

Our mission is to provide a more effective method in the United States for adults and children. Of course motivation is an important aspect of learning anything.

For children, play activities are the most effective driving force to learn a new language. Group activities are the major forms that we use in our kids-dedicated program Girotondo.

For adults, motivation can be:

  • Rediscover Italian roots. More than 25% of the population of Long Island is of Italian descent. Second generation Italians have probably learned some dialects or, in exceptional cases, some Italian from their parents. From the third generation on, however, it is very unlikely to find anyone speaking Italian or knowing about the Italy of today.
  • Business. Italy is the sixth or seventh economy of the world (member of the G7), one of the founders of the European Union and the third economy in the Euro zone (slightly smaller than France). More that 10,000 US companies have business in Italy and many more have a commercial relationship with an Italian company (and vice versa). Learning Italian could unlock substantial career opportunities. Large corporations like IBM, Motorola, Google, Cisco, Siemens, Microsoft, Chrysler (actually owned by the Italian Fiat), General Electric, Whirlpool and many others have offices in Italy and not only in Milan or Rome, but in Florence (General Electric), Genoa, Naples, Palermo, Bologna, Varese (European HQ of Whirlpool) and many other mid and small towns.
  • Culture, Art, Architecture, MusicAccording to UNESCO, 60% of the world's artistic heritage in in Italy. Music, Literature, Lifestyle, Fashion, Culinary Arts ...the list is just endless. Learning the Italian Language will give you not only a communication tool but also a real breakthrough into the cultural foundation of our modern world.
  • Tourism. It is very difficult to find a country in a better geographical position as Italy. Centuries of very distinct history have made it more interesting from many points of view. Whether you are looking for a relaxing vacation on the coast or backpacking around with a capillary and excellent public transportation, you will never forget your stay in this country. The language will give you more opportunities to connect with the unrivaled Italian lifestyle and the people. 

 Finally our name "Thinking Italian"  Centuries of complex historical events -- sometime tragic, sometimes glorious -- have left Italians with their own unique philosophy on how to approach life. For better or worse, Italians have their own distinctive collective way of dealing with events, and when you get to know Italy and Italians, you will understand what we mean. 

I hope to see you in our school! Please feel free to get in touch with us for information or just for a nice chat. 



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