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What to expect in our courses

  • Only Italian native-speaking teachers in regular contact with Italy
  • Our innovative teaching method based on a communicative approach approved and certified according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) which combines scientific rigor with motivating and modern teaching style.
  • A syllabus designed to have students participating, interacting and enjoying themselves along with the entire class and the teacher. Our students are able to speak and interact in Italian from the early learning stages.
  • Motivating teaching activities
  • Inductive grammar, a very modern technique. The teacher presents students many real life situation examples that contain the grammar concept. The intent is to guide the students “to notice”, through the examples, how the concept is used and, consequently, determine the grammar rule.
  • Culture: in each class we refer to Italy’s contemporary lifestyle and habits and we encourage intercultural discussions.
  • Multimedia resources with real life and language situations (audio and video)

Europe in general and the European Union in particular have always faced the problem of communication using different languages. From early ages kids are taught at least one foreign language (most of the time English) and in middle school another language is added to the curricula. In many EU countries more than two languages are effectively used, in business, school, and tourism. A more effective approach to learning languages is a necessity in these situations.

The communication method encourages students to start using the language immediately, focusing on the fundamental aspect of language, which is communication. Familiarization with sentence structures and rules of grammar are just a natural and painless by-product achieved while learning the spoken and written language.