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DANTE - Intermediate

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Develop your hopes and dreams!

You will learn how to deal with most common situations, such as describing yourself and others, describing objects and locations, and working with chronological events. Past, conditional, and future tenses of Italian verbs along with pronouns will be the major building blocks of this Program.

"Nel mezzo del cammin di nostra vita, mi ritrovai in una selva oscura, che' la diritta via era smarrita" "La Divina Commedia" canto primo Inferno Dante Alighieri

Latin did not just disappear; it evolved into an everyday spoken language while the original Latin continued to be used by the few who could write. When Dante Alighieri began using the spoken language in literature and "volgare" (the language of the people), the Italian language was born.

This Program is designed for students above the elementary level. More complexity is added with real-time situations that might occur while talking about yourself, your family, actions you plan to take in the future, or events which have occurred in the past. Vocabulary will focus on more complex issues such as documents and office relationships, along with some simple business and professional issues. More exposure to Italian culture will be added with news stories and/or short presentations of popular Italian songwriters, singers and actors

At the end of this Program, you will be able to describe locations, people, and family relationships; understand simple newspaper articles, books or Italian TV; be familiar with time-chronological descriptions of events; and recognize some popular Italian characters and personalities.