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DANTE - Upper Intermediate

Reinforce your skills and interact fluently!

You will reinforce and deepen your knowledge of Italian by expanding the most important grammatical, conversational and cultural topics of the language. Learn how to use ‘congiuntivo’, hypothetical sentences (as if, as though)

In Latin the use of "congiuntivo" was quite common, except Italian the other modern languages do not use much this structural form

«Non ti maravigliar perch'io sorrida»,
mi disse, «appresso il tuo pueril coto,
poi sopra 'l vero ancor lo piè non fida,

ma te rivolve, come suole, a vòto:
vere sustanze son ciò che tu vedi,
qui rilegate per manco di voto.

La Divina Commedia, Paradiso, Canto 3, Dante Alighieri

This Program is the bridge toward more advanced studies. One of the most complex structural form that is not very common in other modern languages is the subjunctive (congiuntivo). This form is still in use and quite common in the spoken and written language and sometimes is tricky also for native speakers. This Program will guide students among the intricacies of more complex language structures. Colloquial forms, common expressions, some difference among the different regional accents and expressions will be also introduced. The language of the news and shows, comedies and movies will be used to show examples of Italian forms. Some excerpts from literature and poetry will be used as examples

At the end of this Programs, students are expected to have the necessary fluency to speak of more complex topics and to understand more complex dialogues and debates.

This Program will end the formal education on the language. Interested students can move to Advanced levels where the building blocks of the languages will be mixed, shuffled and integrated with more complex conversational challenges and learning paths