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LEONARDO - Advanced

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Release your creativity!

You will learn idiomatic expressions, understand complex texts and express ideas spontaneously. You will create clear and well structured sentences on a wide range of subjects. Learn about past perfect tense, future, past simple

A musician, after learning music theory and a mastering his instrument he is ready to execute complex written music

The perfect example of creativity, Leonardo Da Vinci was a master in anatomy, astronomy, chemistry, geography, mathematics, physics, mechanics, architecture and painting. An out-of-the box and a forward thinker, he was already envisioning many of our modern innovations and was a precursor of modern science. This Advanced Program is designed to finally free students from the structural foundations of the language and guide them towards a natural and fluent language. Like a musician, after having learned the theory and technique the time to "execute" more complex tasks has come. Business, Professional, Literature and Poetry will be used as examples to increase your confidence and show common approaches in the language. Article omission, written formalities in letters, comedies, funny stories and movies will be used to increase your awareness to subtleties of the language. Conversation will be brought at a level similar to what you will be using in a professional environment

At the end of this Program we expect students to have a high level in Italian. Students will be able to read fiction books without difficulties. During the class some books will be suggested and teachers will be available to discuss topics or address difficulties that might arise, The next level will be further perfection toward a more independent path of study