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Our workshops are about different aspects of Italy and Italian culture. Inspired by a combination of Italy's rich culture and way of life, they provide information, fun facts and curiosities that will charme and interest Americans that love our native land. We offer Culinary Workshops and Cultural Workshops

Please contact us for more details if you are interested into hosting our workshops.

Culinary Workshops

Espresso and Cappuccino

Italian Coffee Culture Italy is the birthplace of Espresso and Cappuccino. Let's explore the two national drinks over which business is conducted, contracts are signed, meetings are held and friendships are formed or reconciled. (Program includes PPT presentation plus authentic Espresso or Cappuccino serving - max 30 patrons)

Tiramisu' - the king of Italian desserts

Tiramisu' is the most loved, delicious and requested of Italian desserts. Let's explore the ingredients, the recipe, the secrets and the taste of this Italian classic dessert. (Program includes PPT presentation plus Tiramisu tasting - max 30 patrons)

Gelato !

No matter the season Italian gelato never fails to please. But what exactly is the Italian answer to ice cream? Where did it come from and what makes it so different? Let's find out all about this Italian cultural icon. (Program includes PPT presentation plus tasting of authentic Italian gelato - max 30 patrons)

Know your Olive Oil

Learn tips on what to look for in a good olive oil, what flavors or characteristics good olive oil should and should not have, what is extra virgin olive oil as well its health benefits. (Program includes PPT presentation plus tasting of two different olive oils on Italian bread, the most traditional Italian way - max 30 patrons)

Italian Cuisine: beyond Spaghetti and Meatballs

Italy is comprised of 20 Regions, each producing its own culinary treasures that define people's identities just as much as dialects and their traditions. In this program, we will explore the history of Spaghetti, some fun facts and a regional spaghetti recipe will be presented and shared. (Power Point Presentation plus cooking and tasting of "Spaghetti all'Amatriciana" - max 20 patrons)

Secrets of Risotto - the creamiest and warmest Italian dish

Risotto is a hearty, warming, creamy and versatile Italian rice dish that has found popularity around the world. Let's learn about the slow-cooking technique, the kind of rice to use and tips to make the perfect risotto. A risotto recipe will also be shared (PowerPoint Presentation)

Pizza - An Italian Trademark

Pizza is one of Italy's best known and universally loved contributions to world cuisine. We will explore the origins of pizza, the various types of dough and the most traditional toppings found throughout Italy. Patrons will learn the best pizza dough recipe and the secrets to make the perfect pizza crust at home. (Power Point Presentation)

Cultural Workshops

Explore the Italian-American Heritage and Culture

Over a century ago, most Italian immigrants who settled in the New York area came from the regions of Sicily, Calabria, Campania and Puglia. In this presentation, we will travel through time in these beautiful regions. We will explore what these places were like for your Italian ancestors and why they made the decision to leave to come to America. By the end of the presentation, you will see how these areas have evolved over time and how they look today. (Power Point Presentation)

Wines of Italy - A Journey through the wine regions of Italy

The program includes discussions of the most popular Italian wines along with breathtaking photos of the different Italian Regions and wineries. Although the program does not include wine tasting, participants will still walk away with more confidence the next time they order wine in an Italian restaurant, as they will learn how to read an Italian wine label and how to pair Italian wine with different foods. (PowerPoint Presentation)

Translating Old Italian Records

Take out of the drawer the Italian records belonged to your ancestors! In this program will be shared the key words to recognize and translate Italian genealogical records. Information about where to research for your ancestors' documents in Italy will also be provided. (PowerPoint Presentation)

The Armchair traveler - Visit Italy

We will virtually travel to some of the most popular Italian cities as well as to the ones less known by tourists. This program merges travel, art, foods and spectacular photography of Italy as well as kind of insider information, tips and suggestions about Italy. (Power Point Presentation. Program is available in single session or in series up to 4 sessions)