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Our workshops are about different aspects of Italy and Italian culture. Inspired by a combination of Italy's rich culture and way of life, they provide information, fun facts and curiosities that will charme and interest Americans that love our native land. We offer Culinary Workshops and Cultural Workshops

This season schedule and locations

Espresso and Cappuccino

Italian Coffee Culture Italy is the birthplace of Espresso and Cappuccino. Let's explore the two national drinks over which business is conducted, contracts are signed, meetings are held and friendships are formed or reconciled.
Great Neck Library - November 28th 7PM
Copiague Library - December 7th 7PM
Huntington Station Library - December 17th 7PM

Tiramisu' - the king of Italian desserts

Tiramisu' is the most loved, delicious and requested of Italian desserts. Let's explore the ingredients, the recipe, the secrets and the taste of this Italian classic dessert.
Merrick Library - October 10th 7PM
Bayport Library - October 16th 7PM

Gelato !

No matter the season Italian gelato never fails to please. But what exactly is the Italian answer to ice cream? Where did it come from and what makes it so different? Let's find out all about this Italian cultural icon.
Levittown Library - October 24th 7PM
Middle Country Library - November 7th 7PM

Know your Olive Oil

Learn tips on what to look for in a good olive oil, what flavors or characteristics good olive oil should and should not have, what is extra virgin olive oil as well its health benefits.
Oyster Bay Library - November 14th 7PM

Italian Cuisine: beyond Spaghetti and Meatballs

Italy is comprised of 20 Regions, each producing its own culinary treasures that define people's identities just as much as dialects and their traditions. In this program, we will explore the history of Spaghetti, some fun facts and a regional spaghetti recipe will be presented and shared.
Comsewogue Library - October 9th and October 30th 7PM
Northport Library - October 19th 6:30PM
Farmingdale Library - October 25th 7PM

Secrets of Risotto - the creamiest and warmest Italian dish

Risotto is a hearty, warming, creamy and versatile Italian rice dish that has found popularity around the world. Let's learn about the slow-cooking technique, the kind of rice to use and tips to make the perfect risotto. A risotto recipe will also be shared.
Huntington Station Library - October 15h 7PM

Italian for Travelers 4 sessions workshop

We will virtually travel to some of the most popular Italian cities as well as to the ones less known by tourists. This program merges travel, art, foods and spectacular photography of Italy as well as kind of insider information, tips and suggestions about Italy.
Gold Coast Library - October 11h - November 1st, 8th and 15th 7PM